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Hip Roof Structures

Hip Roof Design Sun Shades

Hip roof structures are affordable and a superb, easy way to cover large outdoor areas. Commonly used for shade and waterproofing for schools, hospitals, pool areas, outdoor seating, car parking and other outdoor areas. The hip roof design features clean, straight lines so they easily blend in with surrounding buildings and structures.

Hip Roof Design Sun Shades

The Construction of Hip Roof Shades

The Construction of Hip Roof Shades

Our hip roof design sun shades are available in a wide variety of colours and fabrics, all of which meet or exceed the 94% UV blockage as recommended by the NZ cancer association.

They can also be fitted with PVC fabrics which makes them fully waterproof, further adding to the cover provided.
Current std sizes range from 4m x 4m up to 20m x 12m, on four (4) support posts, or they can be custom made to suit your requirements. Hexagonal units are also available up to 14m diagonal measurements.

All units are made from pre-galvanised or Hot Dipped galvanised high tensile, grade 350 steel for strength, longevity and rust prevention, finish is available in galvinised, powder coated or painted options.

The units are designed to last from 15/20 + years, providing an extremely cost effective option for additional sun or rain protection.



Self Installation of Sun Shade

There is an option to install these and many of our other products depending on the size and design. You will get advice and a detailed installation guide if you choose to DIY.

Self Installation of Sun Shade

Caring For Your Sun Shade

Caring For Your Sun Shade

The steel work is washed as required with a gentle all-purpose cleaner and hosed off with plain water. To prevent mould/mildew on the fabric top we recommend cleaning the fabric top every 3 years, again depending on location and fabric colour (light fabric colours show discolouration more readily than dark colours).


Frequently Asked Questions

Is a hip roof more expensive?

Generally they tend to be more expensive than shade sail units as more steelwork and fabrication is required for their construction.

The cost of your hip roof will depend on the size of the structure, height of the same and location the unit will be sited in, i.e. the wind zone applicable to the area. The roofing material chosen also contributes to the overall cost with shade fabric less expensive than waterproof PVC fabric.

What is the advantage of a hip roof?

Highly Stable Structure
Hip roofs are a lot more stable in comparison to shade sails as they have mutually supporting steelwork in the posts and steel roofing system.
The level hemline all round on hip roof units also contributes to more shade below the structure, as opposed to shade sails which typically have high / low points in the design.

High Winds
The design of a hip roof allows it to weather storms and high winds somewhat better than shade sails. As an added feature the fabric top can be removed from the framework in 10/15 min if a large storm is forecast.

Effectively Funnels Precipitation
The design of hip roofs makes precipitation fall effectively off the structure. Because of the slanted design the water easily moves down off the unit to prevent “Water Pooling’ on the top.

Combined with Other Roof Shapes
Hip roofs can be combined with shade sails to create unique designs tailored to your specific requirements.

What is the angle of a hip roof?

Generally hips are either 13.4 or 16 degrees, but can be varied to suit the design needed.

Does a hip roof support itself?

Yes they are totally self-supporting, by virtue of the design and components used.

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