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Commercial and Residential Outdoor Awnings


Awnings provide protection from the weather and extend the usable space we have, they do not intrude on the floor area and are an incredibly cost effective way of gaining additional room to relax at home, or to extend business premises. The canvas we use meets, or exceeds, the NZ Skin Cancers Societies recommended target of 94% UV block and is available in a wide range of fabric colours. A modern, custom made awning, designed to suit the surroundings is a great practical addition to any building.


Residential Awnings

Awnings for the home have many uses but are most commonly used to protect a decking or other outside area from the weather. Decks are the go-to place for BBQ's and entertaining and creating a useable function area is top of the list of most homeowners priorities, there are however other areas outside the home, such as a garage, where an awning can extend a work area.

A retractable awning allows the option of either full sun, or full shade, to suit the occasion and is available in either manual or motorised form. Cost effective and budget friendly, a custom-made awning is one investment you will get a return on for years to come. 

Commercial Awnings

Awnings have been used for businesses for decades, often the most recognisable part of a store was the awning that proudly shouted the name of the establishment. That is still true today but with advances in technology, these covers offer more than advertising space. For smaller fixed awnings over the windows and doors, they will not only reduce the heat coming into the premises but will prevent a lot of rain coming in, potential slip hazards and mess are avoided. For large outdoor seating areas, a retractable awning creates an area where customers are protected from harmful UV rays and the rain.

Don't let the weather keep your customers away.


rectractable awnings

Caring For Your Awning

All units are made from pre-galvanised or Hot Dipped galvanised high tensile, grade 350 steel for strength, longevity and rust prevention, finish is available in galvanised, powder coated or painted options.

The units are designed to last from 15/20 + years, providing an extremely cost-effective option for additional sun or rain protection.

The steel work is washed as required with a gentle all-purpose cleaner and hosed off with plain water. To prevent mould/mildew on the fabric top we recommend cleaning the fabric top every 3 years, again depending on location and fabric colour (light fabric colours show discolouration more readily than dark colours).

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Free Quotes For Commercial and Residential Awnings

Our team are here to answer any concerns you may have regarding the design and care of your sun sail. Please contact us for more information.

Questions? Call us 

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