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Hyper Outdoor Umbrellas

Hyper Shade Sails

Hyper Shade Sails are the perfect solution for your home or workplace and provide you with a dynamic, as well as functional shade solution for almost any property when designed effectively.

hyper sail umbrellas



hyper sail umbrellas



Hyper Shade Protection

Hyper Shade Sails are a simple yet visually striking.

We can design and fit your shade in a wide range of coverings and colour, all of which meet and exceed the 94% UV blockage as recommended by the NZ cancer association. They can also have a PVC waterproof top if required.


Hyper Sail Design

Our Hyper Shade Sails are very practical and affordable plus they add a sculptural feature for any setting, your options are restricted only by your imagination. They are lightweight, contemporary and elegant. The shapes are a departure from traditional garden awnings and are specifically designed to meet the needs of modern outdoor design. Hyper Shade Sails are created by alternating high and low fixing points to provide a focal point to the area they are located. They are ideal for fixing in areas designated for entertaining or relaxing or that just need additional weather protection.



architectural umbrellas

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hyper sail umbrellas

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Add Value & Longevity

The shade fabrics ability to breathe and a single post design makes them a prime choice for a cool shaded area. With the proper care and maintenance they will last you up to 15 years and beyond, making them a very cost effective way to add value to your property, not only aesthetic but real dollar value.


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Our fully qualified, friendly and experienced staff are available to answer any questions you may have or can arrange for a quote on site. Please contact us for information.

Questions? Call us 

0800 274 233
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