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Architectural Umbrellas

Umbrellas, Std or Cantilevered

Custom umbrellas are an alternative method of providing shade, simple, unique, long lasting, an effective way to enhance and promote outdoor areas. They are artistic canopies that provide sun shade and UV protection for playgrounds, swimming pools, cafes, backyard patios, restaurants and other outdoor spaces.


Umbrella Benefits and options

The shade provided can lower ambient air temperature and block direct sun, making outdoor activities more pleasant and comfortable. Giving you a very useful additional extension to your useable outdoor space. The fabric can also be made of a waterproof PVC for additional protection from the rain. All of our fabric sun sails meet or exceed the NZ skin cancers recommended target of 94%  UV block out and are fire rated.


Custom Umbrellas

The design options are practically limitless for both business and residential customers, we design your sun sail to enhance the area beyond your expectations, with options for fabric and colour to meet your needs. (For umbrellas over 50 sqm, ie 7m x 7m, please note planning permission will be required).


Umbrella Life and Maintenance

We can confidently claim that our sails will last 15 years and beyond with the proper care making them a very cost-effective sun protection solution. They are incredibly strong, unless there is a cyclone there is no need to dismantle the sail. You can take it down to clean it approximately every 3 years to prevent mould and mildew (Shadepro offers a full cleaning service should this be required). The supports are made from Hot Dipped Galvanised, high tensile, steel that offers strength and rust protection.


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Our team are here to answer any concerns you may have regarding the design and care of your sun sail. Please contact us for more information.

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